6 fuel injectors Toyota 1988-91 2.5L

6 fuel injectors Toyota 1988-91 2.5L

Code: TLF-OEM-23250-62020-000


Brand: TLF Performance Parts
Manufacturer: TLF Perfomance Parts
Manufacturer Part Number: 23250-62020
Quantity: 6

Product Details

For sale are six OEM for 1988-91 Toyota fuel injectors, part number 23250-62020. These can be used for Camry 2.5L V6. New filter baskets, o-rings, grommets, and lower seals have been placed to give these injectors a new life. These injectors have been cleaned and pulsed to guaranteed smooth flow rates. They have also been flow matched for peak performance. YearMakeModelEngine 1991LEXUSES2502.5L V6 FI 1991TOYOTACAMRY DLX2.5L V6 FI 1991TOYOTACAMRY LE2.5L V6 FI 1990LEXUSES2502.5L V6 FI 1990TOYOTACAMRY DLX2.5L V6 FI 1990TOYOTACAMRY LE2.5L V6 FI 1989TOYOTACAMRY DLX2.5L V6 FI 1989TOYOTACAMRY LE2.5L V6 FI 1988TOYOTACAMRY DLX2.5L V6 FI 1988TOYOTACAMRY LE2.5L V6 FI