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TLF Performance Parts has OEM Fuel Injectors for a wide variety of vehicles.

Often times older cars over 10 years old stop running smoothly and seem to burn through gas quicker. Over a period of time, deposits can build up inside your fuel injectors and dirty fuel injectors won't produce the fine spray that is needed for complete fuel combustion. Other signs you may need to purchase an OEM Fuel Injector could be that your vehicle has a hard time starting, a loss of power in acceleration, the smell of fuel inside your vehicle, or you have fuel leaking from injector seals or from the injector.

Purchase your Stock Fuel Injectors from TLF Today

If you need original equipment or manufactured fuel injectors than you have come to the right place. When you purchase an OEM Fuel Injector from TLF Performance Parts you are guaranteed to get the fuel injectors that will operate exactly like the original unit. All of our parts are inspected for quality and performance to insure that you receive only the best. When you replace your OEM Fuel Injector you will notice a much smoother ride, improve your gas mileage and save money every week at the pump. Ordering is quick and easy and you won't be disappointed with your purchase.