Ford 2005-17 Mustang GT 39lbs 8 Fuel Injectors EV14 USCar

Ford 2005-17 Mustang GT 39lbs 8 Fuel Injectors EV14 USCar

Code: TLF-HP-T-117-39-000


Brand: TLF Performance Parts
Manufacturer: TLF Perfomance Parts
Manufacturer Part Number: T-117-39
Quantity: 8

Product Details

All of our Fuel Injectors are Remanufactured here in the USA This is for a Set of 8# Fuel Injector High Impedance 39 lbs/hr Ford Mustang Fuel Injectors 2005-2015 Mustang GT, SVT Cobra 2003-04 SVT Raptor 2009-2014 EV14 U.S. CAR These use the USCAR STYLE Connectors The colors of the Fuel Injectors may Vary TLF Performance Part fuel injectors EV14 U.S. CAR feature drop-in fitments for a simpleinstallation. Since they are made from Bosch manufactured injectors, they will fit directly into the stock or any aftermarket fuel rail. GT500 5.4L Superchar...2012FordMustangAllAll GT500 5.4L Superchar...2011FordMustangAllAll GT500 5.4L Superchar...2010FordMustangAllAll GT500 5.4L Superchar...2009FordMustangAllAll GT500 5.4L Superchar...2008FordMustangAllAll GT500 5.4L Superchar...2007FordMustangAllAll . High Impedance Fuel Injectors Specifications: Condition: Rem omes with Flow Sheet Flow Rate in:39#LBS @ 43.5 PSI or 3 BAR Voltage: 8-15 Volts, nominal 13.5 Volts Amperage: 1.0 Amps Pressure: Min 30PSIG/ Max 100PSIG O-rings Included: YES NOTICE TO BUYER - COLORS MAY VARY FROM THE PICTURES SHOWN. One (1#) Year Warranty! Remanufactured in Harrisburg, Illinois, USA. Visit our Facebook Page