Universal In-line Fuel Pump

Universal In-line Fuel Pump
Code: PerfPum-Univ2-NP43-571
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Details on the NP43-571:

  • Flow Rate: 170 liters or 45 gallons per hour
  • Operating Shutoff Pressure 6.5 bar or 95 psi
  • Volt: 12 Volt
  • Inlet: 14mm hose connection
  • Outlet: Size 10 Male Outlet

In-Line Fuel Pump To Support 1000 HP EFI System with Naturally-Aspired and 800HP with Turbo/Super Charged

In-line fuel pumps are for use with gasoline burning engines only. These powerful pumps will deliver more flow at pressure and support more horsepower.

Pumps over 300 LPH (485 lbs or 80 gallons)@13.5 Volts and 43.5 PSI; The electronic fuel pump is the backbone the entire fuel delivery system. There is very small allowable variance in the quantity and volume of the fuel delivered. As the demands placed upon this component increases with increasing degrees of performance the allowable variances must decrease. At Venom performance our fuel pumps are built to insure maximum expectations are achieved at each and every performance level.

Fuel Pump Testing

Pressure limiter (relief valve) is tested to insure satisfactory relief at high pressures to insure against internal pump failure. Non-return valve tested to insure maintenance of line pressure during fuel pump off time. All pumps are leak tested, surge tested, noise tested (decibel).

Advanced Fuel Pump Technology

A) Electric Motor

  1. Roller cell furl pumps have a full copper commutator to insure the high flow/pressure requirements are maintained. This is great improvement over fuel pumps that have a layered or graphite commutator.
  2. Every armature is fully load tested to insure that the manufactured part is free of shorts or open.
  3. All commentators/armatures are double wrapped and soldered to prevent separation during severe loads.
B) Pump Section
  1. Python uses Delrin material which is inserted into the fuel pump housing to protect roller bearings against wear and is effective against fuel debris.