set of 8 Bosch Flow Matched Fuel Injector Set for Ford 4.6 0280158089

set of 8 Bosch Flow Matched Fuel Injector Set for Ford 4.6 0280158089

Code: TLF-OEM-280158089-002


Brand: TLF Performance Parts
Manufacturer: TLF Perfomance Parts
Manufacturer Part Number: 0-280-158-089
Quantity: 8

Product Details

TLF Performance Parts was started with the idea that a high price does not always mean the best quality. Our fuel Injectors are tested using the state of the art flow machines to verify and to give our customers the satisfaction and peace of mind knowing they have a fuel injector worthy of their project; and all of our fuel injectors are inspected and tested before they are rebuilt to meet and exceed the industrial standard. Our fuel injectors are flow tested at 43.5 PSI or 3 Bar to insure their flow and accuracy. We test all of our high-performance fuel injectors at different RPM's, idle at 750 RPM all the way up to 7500 RPM to make sure they are flow matched to give maximum performance at these intervals. We pressure test our fuel Injectors all the way to 7 Bar or 101 PSI to insure accurate fuel atomization. Here at TLF Performance parts we have trained technicians that have spent countless hours testing and rebuilding fuel injectors. All of our fuel injectors come with a flow sheet that shows the individual flows at different intervals for your project needs. We strive to ensure that our TLF Performance Parts products are the best quality with a 1-year warranty behind all of our fuel injectors. TLF Performance Parts fuel injectors are remanufactured to the highest quality, and we want to be your fuel injector company for all your project needs for today and tomorrow.