Toyota 1987-92 Supra 7MGTE Set of 6# 440cc fuel Injectors with new clips

Toyota 1987-92 Supra 7MGTE Set of 6# 440cc fuel Injectors with new clips

Code: TLF-HP-R-091-440-009


Brand: TLF Performance Parts
Manufacturer: TLF Perfomance Parts
Manufacturer Part Number: R-091-440
Quantity: 6

Product Details

All FUEL INJECTORS are Remanufactured in the USAThese Come with Flow SheetsWith Clips This is for 6#440cc Low Impedance Fuel Injectors These injectors are 440cc For the 1987-92 Supra You will receive6# of them These areLow Impedance fuel Injectors Comes with new grommets, and orings The electronic fuel injector is the termination point for the entirefuel delivery system There is very small allowable variance in the quantity and spray pattern of the fuel delivered As the demands placed upon thiscomponent increases with increasing degrees of performance the allowablevariances must decrease AtTLF performance our fuel injectors are built to insure maximum expectations are achieved at each and every performance level AllTLF fuel Injectors come with Bushings, O-rings, and filter baskets ! Balanced and matched to increase flow rate and atomization, tolerance held within +/- 1 5% of their nominal pound/flow Advanced polymer is used in our o-rings to insure that there is no o-ring failure Fuel Injectors are leak tested at three times OEM operating pressure Sizes available from 440cc - 1100cc Injectors come complete with grommets and o-rings We carry injectors for all makes in all sizes These come with 1-year warranty