Flow Matched Set of 4 Fuel Injectors - Denso-Ford 1W7E-A5A



Flow Matched Set of 4 Fuel Injectors - Denso-Ford 1W7E-A5A

Quantity: 4
Manufacturer Part Number: 1W7E-A5A
Brand: TLF Performance Parts
OEM Brand: Denso-Ford

Product Details

Flow Matched Set of 4 Fuel Injectors - Denso-Ford 1W7E-A5A Remanufactured by TLF Performance Parts.

Fuel Injector Specifications
Condition: Remanufactured
Fuel Injector Core Manufacturer: Denso-Ford
Fuel Injector Core Part Number: 1W7E-A5A
Each Flow Matched Set of Fuel Injectors comes with Flow Sheet
O-rings Included: YES

TLF Performance Parts Remanufactured Denso-Ford 1W7E-A5A Fuel Injectors have been meticulously serviced and tested for proper resistance and current draw, spray patterns and flow rates, passed Quality Assurance tests, and are sold as flow matched sets for the intended application. Flow Matched Fuel Injectors ensure that each fuel injector is supplying the correct amounts of atomized fuel to each of the engines cylinders consistenly, helping to maximize the efficiency and performance of your vehicles engine.

Your purchase of TLF Performance Parts Fuel Injectors includes a one-year warranty covering the remanufacturing process, replaceable components, and performance of our fuel injectors. Our Re-Manufacturing Process reclaims and recycles fuel injector cores from many sources, which were originally produced as OEM parts by companies including Bosch, Denso, Delphi, GM, Jecs, Magneti Marelli, Nikki, Nissan, Rochester, Siemen's-Deka, Weber-Marelli, and more.

Notice to Buyers - TLF Performance Parts High Performance Fuel Injectors may require fuel system modification and/or ECU (Engine Control Unit) programming. The color and quantity of the TLF Performance Parts Fuel Injectors may be different than what is displayed.