High Performance

The TLF Performance Parts One Year Warranty

We want our customers to be assured that the purchaser of TLF Performance Parts fuel injectors receives a one year warranty covering the remanufacture process, replaceable components, and performance of fuel injectors sold by TLF Performance Parts, LLC, an Illinois Corporation.

We assume that the purchaser has the technical skills to install TLF Performance Parts fuel injectors, and if necessary, perform the necessary programing to fine tune the performance of application they are being installed in. Misapplication, improper installation, fuel contaminates, "acts of god", will void the warranty. Our warranty is provided to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

Our re-manufacturing process reclaims and recycles fuel injectors from many sources and were originally produced as OEM parts by various companies including Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Ford, GM, Jecs, Magneti Marelli, Nikki, Nissan, Rochester, Siemen's-Deka, Weber-Marelli, and more. TLF Performance Parts OEM Replacement Fuel Injectors have been meticulously serviced, passed Quality Assurance tests, and are sold as flow matched sets to provide the maximum performance and fuel economy for the intended application. TLF Performance Parts High Performance Fuel Injectors have been modified to enable customized fuel flow rates while maintaining atomization of fuel particles. OEM part numbers are carefully removed, and our customized remanufacturing process installs specially modified parts to increase fuel delivery and enhance the atomization of fuel for High Performance applications.

Notice to Consumers

TLF Performance Parts High Performance Fuel Injectors may require fuel system modification and/or ECU (Engine Control Unit) programming. The color and quantity of the TLF Performance Parts Flow Matched Fuel Injectors may be different than what is displayed.